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How often to bathe Goldendoodle? [with Grooming Tips]

Bathing your Goldendoodle once a month is the imperative need. If you have this curly dude playing and running all around the house and yard, it will surely get dirty. The concerns like shedding, and cleanliness are not enough to take your Goldedoodle for a bath.

This would be good for the health of you and your kids as well. Be informed that Goldendoodles are not 100% hypoallergenic. This matter is important if you are sensitive to allergies. 

But what has to be the routine for doing so? What if it keeps on getting mud baths? Let’s explore this in the subsequent sections.

How often to bathe Goldendoodle considering personality traits?

How Often should you bath a mini Goldendoodle

Almost all the breeds of Goldendoodle need a bathing session every 4 to 8 weeks. 

In other words, taking it for a bath once a month would be more than enough. To take care of Goldendoodle’s coat you should not wash it more than once a month unless your vet prescribes it or becomes extremely necessary because of some unpromising incident. 

There are several factors based on which the frequency of bathing sessions can be increased or decreased. Some of these factors include the energy level (which is higher among female Goldendoodles), length of coat, and exposure to filthy conditions. 

Brushing Goldendoodle after bath

It also depends on the nature of your puppy. Some of these love to stay filthy. No matter how much you try to stay tidy, they will go into the mud the very moment you switch your eyes.

The length of hair is a good indicator in this context. A Goldendoodle with shorter hair will not require many bathing sessions as compared to one with longer hair. 

What if you overdo the bathing sessions?

Frequent bathing can cause some problems like affected dog skin and coat. It can make the skin dry. Your puppy may experience irritation and itching all over its body. 

Excessive itching can result in skin lesions, sores, and hot spots.

Fun Fact

Goldendoodles have natural oils in their skin that serve as a protective barrier. These oils help maintain healthy, moisturized skin.

The natural oils in the skin of Goldendoodles serve to protect skin and hair from drying. If you would use excessive shampoo on it, it can affect those natural oils. As a result, its coat shine will be lost. It will look damaged and you may also experience more dander falling all around your place. 

The parent breeds of Goldendoodle i.e. Poodle and Golden Retriever have a water-resistant coat. This feature is found in Goldendoodles as well but more appointments in the bathing tub may decrease the effectiveness of this water-resistant property. 

If you have a swimming pool in the backyard, you should keep it away from that. Beware of this matter if your Goldendoodle loves to swim. It can drastically damage its overall health and average life span.

Consider reading our Goldendoodle Coat Care guide to learn more about this matter. 

Cons of if you won’t Bath your Goldendoodle?

Dirty Mini Goldendoodle

I have already mentioned that taking your Goldendoodle for a bath once a month is enough. But, if it takes a mud bath in the nearest puddle in the very next week, you should not ignore this either. 

A dirty Goldendoodle offers an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and affect the skin and coat. If this becomes a frequent routine, I’d suggest not using Shampoo in the second attempt. Just do this with a warm bucket of water. 

It is better to brush the mud out before offering a proper bath. Dry and brush your puppy after you are done with washing. 

I have personally observed that a filthy Goldendoolde behaves differently as compared to a tidy one. Hygiene is good for its emotional health as well.

Your Goldendoodle has a pretty good emotional quotient. It is one of the major advantages of having a Goldendoodle and conducting a bathing session will strengthen your bond with the little due.

What if you don’t bathe your Goldendoodle enough?

A bathing Mini Goldendoodle

Lack of bathing results in the accumulation of dirt. It may get affected by bugs as well. Many times they get stuck into their fur and the only solution is to shave your Goldendoodle. 

It’s not just unhealthy for the dog but for you and your loved ones at the house. The bacteria may get spread to your bed and couches. 

You should be informed that dogs can absorb allergens through their skin which sometimes leads to very serious injuries caused by excessive itching and scratching. 

This matter is of utter importance if your female Goldendoodle is pregnant as it can also affect its litter size.

If your Goldendoodle is living with other pets like cats, make sure that they are also not affected by any disease.

The playing buddies of your Goldendoodle may fall sick. 

Thus, taking care of your Goldendoodle means taking care of the whole family. 

Tips for Groomers

  • Always use a tear-free or mild dog shampoo. Avoid using human shampoos on dogs.
  • Try to keep the inner ears of Goldendoodle dry during the bathing session. 
  • For larger Goldendoodles, you can use the walk-in showers and bathtubs. You can conduct a bathing session for a Goldendoodle in the kitchen sink as well.
  • Use a dedicated drying towel and brush.
  • To speed up the drying process, you may use a hair dryer.
A neat and clean Goldendoodle

The Bottom Line

Conducting one bathing session for a Goldendoodle is more than enough. However, if your Goldendoodle takes an unexpected mud bath, you can do one more bathing session without shampoo.

Excessive bathing can damage the coat and essential skin oil. Keeping your Goldendoodle filthy for a long time may result in an attack of bacteria, bugs, and other skin complications like itching.

By caring for your puppy, you ensure to keep your family safe from allergies and other diseases. 

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