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7 Most Captivating Goldendoodle Haircuts [With Pictures]

Does your Goldendoodle need a haircut? The answer is Yes! There are several Goldendoodle haircuts and grooming techniques that you can do yourself.

If the hair is left untrimmed, your Goldendoodle hair can grow up to 8 inches which not only affects the looks but the effectiveness of the puppy. Longer hair for a Goldendoodle is difficult to manage. 

In the subsequent sections, we’ll answer some of the frequently asked questions and considerations in this context. Moreover, we will look into several haircut options that you can give a try. 

Goldendoodle Haircut Styles

Goldendoodles are special because they share a connection with poodles, known for their interesting haircuts over the years. 

If your doodle has “poodle” in it, it probably means your dog will have naturally wavy or curly hair. 

I’ve put together a list of haircut ideas for your Goldendoodle, inspired by the classic cuts that poodles have shown to be good-looking and easy to handle.

These hairstyles apply to all the sizes like Mini, Miniature, Petite, Toy, Teacup, Standard, and Micro Goldendoodles.

1. Goldendoodle Dutch Haircut (Mohawk)

Goldendoodle Dutch Haircut (Mohawk)

While this style is often seen on show poodles, the outcome may differ for your doodle. In this classic cut, the top of the head has long hair, the face is shaved like a mohawk, and the sides are kept medium-length. The paws are shaved, and the tail can have a pom-pom or longer hair if your doodle’s fur allows it.

2. Goldendoodle Lion Haircut

Goldendoodle Lion Haircut

Named after a lion, this cut gives your doodle a lion-like appearance. The neck and wither hair are left long, resembling a mane, while the legs, back, muzzle, and forehead are trimmed short. The tail is shaved, leaving a pom-pom effect at the near end.

3. Teddy Bear Goldendoodle Haircut (Poodle Cut )

Teddy Bear Goldendoodle Haircut or Poodle Haircut or Shaggy Haircut

If your Goldendoodle likes pretending to be a wild animal, consider the teddy bear cut, an alternative to the lion cut and similar to a poodle cut. It is also called shaggy cut. This medium-length style highlights the natural curls of the doodle, shaping the face to appear round, and leaving longer hair on the paws to resemble bear paws. You can also opt for a pom-pom tail with this well-liked cut.

4. Goldendoodle Lamb Haircut

Goldendoodle Lamb Haircut

This cut creates a calm and sweet look for your doodle, making it resemble a gentle lamb. The body hair is trimmed short, the legs to a medium length, and the head, feet, and tail can be customized based on the owner’s choice.

5. Goldendoodle Short Haircut

Goldendoodle Short Haircut

This cut is a favorite for many doodle owners because it’s easy to care for. Doodles with naturally short hair look good with this cut, where the body hair is short, the hair on the ears is longer, and the face and paws are shaved.

6. Goldendoodle Puppy Haircut

Goldendoodle Puppy Haircut

This hairstyle is liked by many dog breeds. The body hair of the dog is cut short, but the hair on the face is kept longer. It’s an easy-to-care-for style, but your doodle will still need regular brushing.

7. Summer Short Hair Goldendoodle Haircut

Goldendoodle Summer Haircut

When it gets hot in the summer, this haircut can keep your doodle cool. All the hair is cut very short, except for pom-poms on the legs and a tufted or pom-pom tail.

Should you shave a Goldendoodle?

There are several convincing reasons to shave your Goldendoodle. But you should also consider the fact that it is not a recommended practice. 

The major justifications presented by dog parents include:

  • It lessens the shedding in the house
  • To get rid of the filth on the coat
  • It keeps them cool
  • It makes them look good

You may have a very different motive than these which is also fine. Maybe you like a Goldendoodle with no hair for no reason. Or you have a shaved head and body and you want the shaved Goldendoodle to look the same. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Goldendoodle Hair Styles

The dogs with double undercoats have the advantage that it keeps them cool in summer. But this is not the case with Poodles and hence with most of the doodles like Goldendoodles. Most of the Goldendoodles have either the mixed wavy coat or curly poodle coat. Since most of these coats are single, it is very okay to shave them in summer. 

The rate at which a Goldendoodle’s hair grows can vary, but on average, their hair grows at a rate of approximately 0.5 to 1 inch per month. Factors like genetics, age, health, and grooming practices can influence the growth rate. It’s essential to provide proper care, including regular grooming and a healthy diet, to support optimal coat growth in Goldendoodles.

The word fur is often used for Goldendoodles but technically they have hair, not fur. This is one of the features that encourages people to buy this crossbreed. 

Comparatively, a dog with hair is easier to manage than a dog with fur. 

To keep your Goldendoodle’s hair curly, rinse it with shampoo and make the coat wet. If the coat is not scissored, this can help it become curly. After scissoring, scrunch to encourage the coat to curl accordingly. 

Goldendoodles with straight hair are rare to find. Curly coat is more common among Doodles. The coat type is generally determined by the genetic context of the Goldendoodle. 

To keep the curly hair of Goldendoodle straight, you may use specific flat irons or straighteners available in the market. You should go for a professional groomer if your dog is sensitive to heat. Keep the setting to a lower temperature to avoid any damage to the coat. 

The need for a haircut depends on the pace at which the hair grows. Moreover, it also depends on the size and color of your Goldendoodle. Generally, you should consider trimming the hair of your dog after every 6 weeks at least. 

Also, it depends on your personal preference. Some people like longer fur on their Goldendoodle which is a little difficult to manage whereas some like it to be very small in size. 

Whatever the length of your Goldendoodle’s coat is, you should trim the hair around the eyes, between the foot pads, and under the tail and belly every six weeks.

Key Takeaways

Regular haircuts for Goldendoodles are necessary not only for aesthetic but practical reasons as well. Preventing hair from overgrowth is advised as it becomes unmanageable. I have outlined diverse haircut options and grooming techniques, providing answers to common queries about Goldendoodle hair care. You can choose whatever suits the best for your Goldendoodle depending on its size, colors, and preferences. 

While I acknowledge the reasons some owners choose to shave their Goldendoodles, I term this not to be a recommended practice. Overall, maintaining Goldendoodle hair involves understanding its type, choosing suitable haircuts, and adhering to a regular grooming schedule. So which hairstyle are you going to use for your Goldendoodle? 

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