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Mini Goldendoodle Litter Size | How Many Puppies?

Curious to know about the litter size of your Goldendoodle? Well, every dog parent often wonders about this matter while their Goldendoodle is pregnant. It is essential to know about this so that you can make proper arrangements for the newly-borns. 

This is also a valid concern if you have already considered breeding your female Goldendoodle. This is very understandable. In the subsequent sections, you are going to find all the necessary information you may need about Goldendoodle pregnancies and their litter size. 

What is the Typical Mini Goldendoodle Litter Size?

pregnant mama goldendoodle with full litter size

The average litter size of a Goldendoodle could be 3 to 8 puppies. This number can vary depending on the breed of your dog.

Since the litter size of a Golden Retriever is bigger than a Poodle, the Goldendoodle with more genetic elements of a Golden Retriever will be delivering more puppies. Thus, the average size of the Goldendoodle litter depends on the genetic context.

Factors that can increase or decrease Mini Goldendoodle Litter Size

Several interesting factors can indirectly affect the size of the litter. The biological factors cannot be changed by external factors but surprisingly, the care you give to your Goldendoodle has a direct impact on the size of the litter. 

Newly Born Goldendoodle Littermate


As explained in our Goldendoodle adoption guide, there are three general sizes of a Goldendoodle: Miniature, Medium, and Standard. It is very obvious that bigger Goldendoodles will have bigger litter sizes i.e. I have seen a mini Goldendoodle delivering around 3 to 4 puppies whereas you can expect 5 to 6 puppies from a medium Goldendoodle. 

The standard Goldendoodle is more likely to deliver 7 to 8 puppies in one go. These are some of the important factors that you should consider before buying a female Goldendoodle.


The genetic makeup of a Goldendoodle breed can predict the litter size. For example, an F1 Goldendoodle is 50% Poodle and 50% Golden Retriever, therefore its litter size will be somewhere in between the typical litter size of its parent breeds. 

On the other hand, an F1B is 75% Poodle and only 25% Golden Retriever, it might tend to have a smaller litter size as compared to an F1. 


What would be the fun to have 8 puppies if only a few to none survive? Compromised quality and quality of diet can lead to smaller litters and lower survival rates and the converse is also true. 

Any element or entity with a soul in it works exactly the same. If you put positive stuff in it, you are going to get positive outcomes. Like pregnant humans, Goldendoodles also need food rich in vitamins and essential minerals to deliver healthy puppies.

Goldendoodles eating

Make your that your little curly fellow is getting what it needs in this period. A well-rounded diet for Goldendoodle not only contributes to better health of the mother dog but a strong dog pregnancy as well. This helps the mother get stronger and prepare herself for the upcoming pregnancy. 

This healthy diet is not just the need of her during pregnancy but even after that. 


Ensuring your dog is healthy affects the size of the litter. The health of Goldendoodle is not just about diet. If you expect that your Goldendoodle is getting pregnant, you should consider taking it to the vet. 

You should get her proper medication and vaccination if necessary. The preliminary check-up is essential before and after conception.

Goldendoodle Health Issues

If you do not have prior experience of getting puppies delivered, I would always recommend you go to a vet. 

Once your Goldendoodle has delivered puppies, you should revisit the same vet. With the process of proper care, your dog will successfully deliver healthy babies. Without proper care, even a standard Goldendoodle may experience a smaller litter size.  


You should learn more about the lifespan of your Goldendoodle. Because like humans, it is difficult for older dogs to conceive. But it’s all about the sexual maturity of your pet. It varies and depends on multiple factors. 

Goldendoodle Mother with a Mini Goldendoodle

If you have a miniature Goldendoodle, it is more likely to reach this maturity earlier as compared to a bigger dog. Thus, the age of the dog not only influences the chances of getting pregnant but the size of the litter as well. 


I term this to be one of the most important factors. Even if you are giving your dog some good stuff to eat and taking it to the vet for proper medication, it may stay unhealthy in compromised conditions. 

Make sure that the elements surrounding your Goldendoodle are the same. Conditions should not be tidy and enough care and love should be given to them before and after conception. 

As you know there are several behavioral challenges for Goldendoodles. They are extremely emotional. A stress-free pregnancy will ensure that the size of the litter remains good. 

Fun Facts

Unlike humans carrying their young for 9 months, dogs have a much shorter gestation period of an average of 57 to 65 days.

The Bottom Line

The average size of a Goldendoodle liter depends on various factors like size, health, food, care, environment, and age of the dog. Generally, a Goldendoodle will deliver around 3 to 8 puppies. 

Make sure that your dog stays healthy and lives in ideal conditions. Only a happy dog can deliver healthy puppies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In many cases, the first litter is comparatively smaller than the subsequent ones. Goldendoodles typically have between 3 to 8 puppies in their first litter, though this can vary based on their size and genetics.

Goldendoodles are pregnant for about 63 days, which is standard for dogs.

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