Pros and Cons of Micro Mini Goldendoodle

14 Goldendoodle Pros and Cons [FACTS REVEALED]

Goldendoodles are no less than a sensation on social media these days. This cute little fellow always grabs your attention in every reel and short. Most importantly, Micro and Mini Goldendoodles are attractive mainly because of their size and cute fur-like coat. 

Moreover, this breed is much praised for its loyalty and friendly nature. If you are thinking of adopting one, my Micro Mini Goldendoodle full breed guide would be pretty helpful for you.

That is too much to praise but still, there are several considerations that you must be aware of. Despite that, I come to love this little fellow more and more each day, I would state with utter responsibility that this dog is not for everyone.

Here I would like to discuss some pros and cons of Goldendoodles that I have been living with for the last few years. 

8 Goldendoodle Pros

1. They Are Small

Cuteness is overloaded when your dog is small. Mini Goldendoodles are small but Micro Mini Goldendoodles are even smaller. It may not be an advantage for people who like a big dog roaming around them all the time but still, it is for many.

A mini Goldendoodle can live in your small apartment and adjust accordingly. 

On the other hand, a micro mini Goldendoodle can weigh less than 12 pounds. Kids can play with this like little pals. It can even rest and sleep on your lap. 

Another notable advantage is taking your dog anywhere even on a long dive. Because of its small size, its nutritional needs are less. Goldendoodle won’t require much food to get itself energized. 

All of these features make it a perfect choice for those who love small dogs. 

Mini Goldendoodle sitting silently

2. Less Shedding and Easy Maintainance

It’s very okay to be concerned about your dog’s hair. The good news is that Goldendoodles do not shed a lot. Once again, the reason for their lesser shedding is their small size. 

The larger the dog gets, the more you will be concerned about this matter. One of the reasons for lesser shedding is the qualities of poodles in it. We know that Golden Retrievers shed like crazy but Poodle hardly sheds anything. 

That is why if you are concerned ed about shedding, you should consider adopting an F1B Micro Mini Goldendoodle because it is 75% Poodle and only 25% Golden Retriever. F1 Goldendoodle doodle will shed a little more because it is 50% poodle. 

Besides shedding, cutting their hair is a little concern. Luckily, you may need a professional groomer only once your Mini or Micro Goldendoodles gets bigger but for a smaller one, you can do most of the jobs on your own. 

Yes, you can cut its hair yourself. You just need to be a little careful while cutting the hair around their eyes.

Infographic on Role of Poodle DNA in Hypoallergenic Nature of Mini Goldendoodle

3. Goldendoodles Live Longer

Generally, it is a natural rule that smaller dogs live longer. For example, a Labrador can live up to 12 years but a Goldendoodle can live up to 18 years. Great Danes live shorter than Chihuahuas because of their larger size. 

If you are looking for a companion to share a longer span of his or her life with you, consider buying a Micro Mini Goldendoodle. 

4. Goldendoodles are Hypoallegenic

I’ve been a severe allergy sufferer throughout my life. This is where the hypoallergenic qualities of this dog become an advantage. 

Since this dog doesn’t shed a lot, you don’t need to bother much about allergies. If a dog starts shedding a lot, there will be too much dander flying all over your house. The poodle-like fur of Goldendoodles makes Goldendoodle very hypoallergenic. 

But here is a disclaimer that no dog could ever be 100% hypoallergenic and Goldendoodle is also no exception. If you are not oversensitive to allergies, Goldendoodle is your dog. 

5. Goldendoodle is not Hyperactive

Some people like their dogs to be very energetic. If you are one such person, Goldendoodle would be an ideal companion. 

A Micro or Mini Goldendoodle has some energy but a short brisk walk and training would suffice to keep it active. If you have a fenced yard outside your house, it’s an ideal place for it to play.

It will always chase other animals but will hardly catch one. Overall, it has a very calm behavior that is never annoying. 

Doodle Facts

A female Goldendoodle is comparatively more energetic than a male Goldendoodle.

6. Goldendoodle is a Healthy Breed

Goldendoodles are healthier than their parent breeds. There are only a few health issues that you will have to deal with. Luckily, this dog is pretty healthy most of the time and would not cost you much in terms of medical expenses. 

They have some common health issues like Hip dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s Disease, Hereditary cataracts, Addison’s disease, Glaucoma, etc. All of these diseases have dedicated tests that you should be aware of while buying or adopting a Goldendoodle. 

7. They are Exceptionally-Smart

You’d be surprised to know that in some scenarios, my Micro Mini Goldendoodle acts exactly like humans. It responds to English commands. It pays the gesture of appreciation, anger, and love. Sometimes, I feel like the Goldendoodles is thinking like a poet or even working on his next screenplay script. 

This breed has expressive eyes through which you can easily know if they are in pain or pleasure. You can nearly teach almost anything you want to teach it. This collectively contributes to a strong bond with the owner. And like any other human, it values this bond and takes care of its owner. 

Mini Goldendoodle Fetching wood

8. Good Chemistry with Other Pets

If you already own a poodle, or even a cat at your house, it will get along with all of those. Since a Goldendoodle is pretty emotional, it’s a better idea to possess at least two Goldendoodles at a time. 

Thus, if you are not around, a Goldendoodle will keep on playing with fellow dogs. 

6 Goldendoodle Cons

1. The Coat Maintenance

As discussed earlier, a Micro Mini Goldendoodle doesn’t shed a lot. That is why it requires less coat maintenance. But this is an advantage only for the smaller versions of this dog. As soon as it starts getting bigger, the maintenance time and cost also increase.

When a Goldendoodle becomes big, it becomes a bit challenging to maintain and groom as well. A professional groomer will also charge more than normal for a simple haircut

A bathing Mini Goldendoodle

2. Beware of their Barking Mode

As far as I have observed, my Micro Mini Goldendoodle loves its voice. They’d always make sure that they were getting attention and being heard. 

It’s their way of demanding attention and love from the owner and family. It barks a lot when feels alone. Moreover, it will also bark on strangers in the part and the trespasser passing by your door. 

However, its barking is of no use. It would neither scare anyone nor it will add to your protection. You can perceive a Micro Mini Goldendoodle as an ornamental element at your house. Its utility is to offer love and enjoy the affection of its caretakers. 

Mini Goldendoodle struggling to follow command

3. The Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is certainly the most reported issue by Goldendoodle owners. The Goldendoodles hate to be excluded or kept alone. Especially, when your dog is small, it is more prone to separation anxiety. It recognizes the ones who are around it. And when he fails to find them, it either barks a lot or becomes less energetic. 

You can expect destructive behavior or even anger in some cases. You must be aware of the fact that it is not easy for a Goldendoodle to switch back its emotions to the previous state within a blink. You will have to use several techniques to get your real friend back in that tiny body. 

In extreme cases, I would highly recommend seeking professional help. 

4. Sometimes they get Jealous

You might be surprised reading this but, jealousy often occurs in dogs, especially those closely bonded with their families. When outsiders or other family members enter the scene, a Goldendoodle seeks attention, becoming a part of the conversation.

It can be occasionally bothersome, as she insists on being picked up or brings a toy, demanding acknowledgment and playtime. My Goldendoodles often insist on being the center of attention, causing a fuss if neglected.

Though amusing at times, it’s essential to correct this behavior early on. Jealousy in dogs is best addressed during their younger years.

Goldendoodles socializing with other Goldendoodles

5. Goldendoodle is an Expensive Dog

Since Goldendoodle is liked by the masses and is a sensation all over social media these days, its demand has drastically increased. That is why, breeders are demanding high prices for this breed. I’ve seen very long threads on this topic on Quora about people regretting getting a Goldendoodle because of the associated expenses. 

The cuteness comes at a cost of a few grand in some cases. The cost keeps on increasing with the size of dog. But when one owns a Goldendoodle, one feels that every penny of their investment is worth it. 

The main concern lies in the abundance of homeless dogs worldwide, including Goldendoodles and other mixed Poodle breeds seeking adoption. Meanwhile, designer dogs command high prices, creating a disparity in demand and availability.

6. Goldedoodles have Health Problems

Goldendoodles have low resistance to several health complications. I term this to be the most important concern while buying or adopting a Goldendoodle.

Some of these problems include eye dryness, allergies, joint problems like hip dysplasia, and conditions like Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM).

Additionally, they are prone to ear infections, skin problems like allergic dermatitis and mange, and stomach issues such as sensitivity and risks of gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV).

It’s important to recognize symptoms early and manage these conditions effectively, including post-GDV surgery care and preventive measures.

The Bottom Line

Enjoying the charm of Micro Mini Goldendoodles comes with both advantages and considerations. 

The smaller size, reduced shedding, longer lifespans, hypoallergenic qualities, and intelligence make them wonderful companions. 

Their compatibility with other pets and generally good health add to their appeal. However, potential challenges include coat maintenance and increased grooming needs as they grow. Their penchant for barking, separation anxiety, occasional jealousy, and the expense of acquiring one are factors to carefully consider. 

While their demand has surged, it’s essential to acknowledge the abundance of homeless dogs in need of adoption, emphasizing responsible choices in the pursuit of canine companionship.

Collectively, while considering the pros and cons of this breed, I would say that the pros of a Micro Mini Goldendoodle outweigh the associated shortcomings. 

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