Mini Goldendoodle Exercising Need

How Much Exercise Do Goldendoodles Need?

Is your Goldendoodle getting obese? Do you find it lethargic or is it taking more time to develop its body? Well, you need to consider your Goldendoodle exercise needs.

But how much exercise becomes too much and how much is too less? All this depends on several factors like size, age, and traits that I am going to discuss in the subsequent sections.

And this is not just a one-time job. You need to get this done daily to keep it on the move. Let’s start with the big question.

Goldendoodle Exercise Needs

Why does a Goldendoodle Need Daily Exercise?

You may consider this a con of having a Goldendoodle but your dood needs exercise daily. Because of its over-energetic nature, you need to manage it and conserve its energy for positive use. 

Let me share some no-nonsense reasons why you should consider day-to-day exercise:

  • Obesity control
  • Behavior management
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Injury control
  • Better food digestion
  • Better mobility

Needless to say, exercise is good for a puppy’s mental health as well. Many times, mental challenges require more resources than physical tasks. Moreover, if your dog is physically well, it will socialize better and get along with other pets as well. A social dog acts very well in outdoor activities like visiting a park. 

Signs if Goldendoodle not getting enough exercise

Goldendoodle Energy management

Here are some of the clear indications that you should consider starting and exercising sessions daily:

  • Sickness: More frequent illnesses or unwell behavior
  • Limping: Difficulty walking or favoring one leg
  • Excessive Panting: Panting heavily even after rest
  • Lack of Energy: Showing disinterest in activities they usually enjoy
  • Avoiding Going Outside: Unwillingness to go for walks or play outside
  • Disobedience: Not listening to commands they normally follow
  • Destructiveness: Damaging toys or furniture more than usual
  • Hyperactive Behavior: Unusually restless or unable to settle
  • Weight Gain: Putting on weight despite regular exercise

Out of all the above flags, the most significant one is weight gain. If you feel that your puppy is getting lazy at things it used to be good at, it’s a significant indication that it’s getting insufficient exercise. Moreover, out-of-shape dogs will affect your aura in the community. 

Fun Facts

Goldendoodles getting insufficient exercise also chew forbidden items out of frustration and boredom. You should consider getting them appropriate toys as it can also help manage energy levels. 

Negative Effects of Too Little or Too Much Exercise

Excess of everything is bad. The bones and joints of your Goldendoodle are in the development phase until it gets 2 years old. 

During this phase, too much exercise can lead to breakage of bones or life-long joint problems. Moreover, I have seen adult Goldendoodles experiencing heat exhaustion which further leads to complications. 

Therefore, I would advise you not to overburden those wagging tails. 

Factors Deciding Goldendoodle Exercise Needs

Determining how much exercise a Goldendoodle needs isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. There are sizes like a teacup, toy, mini, medium, and standard Goldendoodle. They all are different. They could have different ages and genetic makeup. 

Therefore, we will have to understand those separately. 

Goldendoodle exercise needs by Age and size

Goldedoodles get bigger with age. One simple rule is that the size of your Groodle and the exercising need to have a direct relation. The larger the size, the more will be the need for mobility. 

Over the years, I have seen that Goldendoodle takes more time to develop its body as compared to other puppies. So it’s logical to perceive that you should not expect your bulky Goldendoodle to get in shape overnight. 

Mini Goldendoodle Exercising Need

For instance, for teacups, toys, and mini Goldendoodles you should wait for at least a year to get them ready for less restrictive exercise. On the other hand, for a standard and medium Goldendoodle, this time frame could go up to 2 years.  

In the following table, I have summarized the exercise needs of Goldendoodle puppies based on their size and age:

Goldendoodle SizeAgeExercise DurationFrequency
Toy/Teacup2-3 months10-15 minutes1-3 times per day
4 months20 minutes1-3 times per day
5 months25 minutes1-3 times per day
6 months – 1 year30 minutes1-3 times per day
Adult30-60 minutes1-2 times per day
Senior20-30 minutes1-2 times per day
Mini8 weeks10 minutes1-3 times per day
4 months15 minutes1-3 times per day
5-6 months20-25 minutes1-3 times per day
1 year30-60 minutes1-2 times per day
18 months45-90 minutes1-2 times per day
Senior30-45 minutes1-2 times per day
StandardUp to 6 months10-15 minutes1-3 times per day
6-12 months20-25 minutes1-3 times per day
18 months30-60 minutes1-2 times per day
2 years60-120 minutes1-2 times per day
6-8 years old30-60 minutes1-2 times per day

What are some safe exercise ideas for Goldendoodles?

So far it may seem a little tiring and annoying for you to keep your Goldendoodle healthy through exercise. Here are some fun and safe activities that you may consider for your little curly buddy:

  • Short Walks: Take it easy. You should let your puppy explore its surroundings by itself sniffing around. This is seen as excellent mental stimulation.
Mini Goldendoodle on a Walk
  • Puppy Play Dates: These provide a wonderful chance for socialization and physical activity. You should just make sure that the play is not too rough and tough to prevent possible injuries.
  • Tricks & Training: Conduct short and enjoyable training sessions. These sessions will help you mentally and physically tire out your puppy.
  • Playtime: Engage your doodle in games like fetch and tug of war. These are generally adored by all the Goldendoodles. Minimize the high-impact movements to protect it from injury. 

What are some NOT recommended exercise ideas for Goldendoodles?

Surprisingly, not all aerobics and activities are suggested for the little dude. Keep your Goldendoodle at bay from the activities like:

  • Running or Jogging: Even for short sessions, this designer breed is not designed for things like heavy jogging and running as it can cause lasting damage to your puppy’s joints.
  • Climbing or Jumping: Whether indoors or outdoors, frequent climbing can harm developing bones. Keep it from going up and down stairs. You are recommended to carry your Goldendoodle instead.
Goldendoodle on Stairs
  • Catching Balls or Frisbees in the Air: It’s not that bad but repeated jumping and landing can be harmful to your puppy’s development.
Mini Goldendoodle Playing with a Ball
  • Extended Hiking Trips: Hiking long distances on uneven trails is not recommended for your Goldendoodle. It can be quite strenuous and unsafe and can result in permanent damage.
Goldendoodle on a Hiking Trip

Indoor Exercise Ideas for Your Goldendoodle

You may be living in a community where the environment is not safe for your Goldendoodle. There could be extreme weather conditions to which your Goldendoodle is sensitive. 

No worries. You can keep your little buddy trained within a bounded indoor vicinity. Here are some engaging indoor activities that you can consider to get the body of your Goldendoolde developed. 

  • Hide and Seek: This is indeed a very delightful throwback to your childhood as well. This adds fun and challenges your Goldendoodle to get better at finding you. You should start with easy hiding spots and gradually increase the difficulty level. This makes your puppy super intelligent. 
  • Snuffle Ball or Mat: You can turn mealtime into an exciting scavenger hunt with a snuffle ball or mat. These toys are easily available in the market. These toys hide your dog’s food inside fabric folds, making them sniff. They think to find their meal. It is a mental exercise to improve the Sherlocky skills in your puppy. 
  • Tug of War: It’s a classic activity. The short game of tug-of-war can considerably contribute to your Goldendoodle’s daily exercise needs. It’s a simple classic that most dogs naturally enjoy.
  • Backyard Obstacle Course: You can set up a simple obstacle course at home using different items like hoops and tunnels. This sharpens their obedience skills through playful training.
  • Fetching: This helps with physical conditioning and strengthening your bond with the pet. The fetching activity can be tailored to suit a Goldendoodle of any age.
Mini Goldendoodle Fetching

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard Goldendoodles can walk 5-10 miles, depending on their stamina and the weather.

Toy or Mini Goldendoodles should not walk more than a few miles at a time to avoid overexertion.

It’s essential to balance physical activity with adequate rest to prevent overexertion, which isn’t always obvious since dogs may not show immediate signs of fatigue. After the exercise session, make sure that your Goldendoodle has a comfortable place to relax and recover.

Final Takeaways

As soon as to adopt a Goldendoodle, you should observe it a little in the context of its physical activities. If it is over-energetic, you need to channel this energy through exercise on other positive activities.

On the other hand, if it is gaining weight or getting out of shape, you should start getting your Goldendoodle into physical activities like walking, training, and playtime.

The duration and toughness level of these activities will be decided based on what stage your Goldendoodle is going through.

Do let us know what exercise challenges you are facing at the moment for your Goldendoodle in the comment section.

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